These Testimonials have been taken from Cathie's Music page on Facebook!

* Cathie Timian has come into her own in the last few years, a great vocalist with a voice that’s all her own stretching many genera’s like Blues, R & B, Pop, Classic Rock, Folk and Jazz, Acoustic or Electric. Cathies vocals have a certain quality to them that brings the listener in. The smooth pitch of her voice from a smoky wisper to a vibrant belt, upbeat lines to moans and hollers all dynamically balanced with a deliverance that keeps folks asking for more.  Cathie is one of the hardest working vocalists you will find on the local music scene, singing with some of the area’s best musicians. She has several Bands that she sings with and fronts along with Trios and Duos. 
Cathie also creates open mic nights in many different locations during the week where up and coming musicians ply their wares. She is a great Master of Ceremonies with the ability to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated, from beginner to expert, introduction to finally.  Cathie is a Media Wizard who’s ads are widespread and inviting as are her positive comments to other bands and musicians, also her great ad's for the places she plays. Folks, Cathie Timian has become a performing area mainstay, not only for her performances but also her love of music that effects everything she does and everyone she knows in a beautiful way. - Midnite Mike Grimaldi - Musician - Rome, NY

* I recommend that if you get the chance to hear her perform DO IT! She loves what she does, and it shines through in every performance. I have been listening to Cathie for more than a decade and she never fails to amaze me. She also never fails to evolve in her craft, changing things up and trying new things. She is much more than just a singer... she is a true entertainer in every way and is always a treat to watch. - Tina Kerr - Music Fan - Hamilton, Ontario Canada

* Cathie Timian is always a treat to listen to! When a musician takes pride in their craft and enjoys the people they play with, the atmosphere is palpable. Audiences always have a great time! - Ani Larkinland - Music Fan - Boonville, NY

* Cathie is one of the hardest working musicians in our area. You can hear her sultry blues voice in a variety of venues across Central New York. But that's only a part of her story. She has afforded the opportunity for countless musicians to perform live during any one of a number of open mic sessions she has hosted throughout the region. - Ed Rosenburgh - Musician - Barneveld, NY

* Cathie is True Artist with a huge library of both contemporary and classic music. She has a sweet sultry voice and can mesh into any musical situation. Her attention to detail is beyond compare. Along with her own career she has helped countless musicians get out to play with her open mic nights. She is a true credit to her trade and I would highly recommend her for any type of entertainment your venue might need. - Bruce Bowen - Musician - Holland Patent, NY

* Cathie has a great personality and has such a soulful voice in her wide array of music styles. In her performances that I have attended, she get the audience totally involved and has a great show. Additionally, She supports our local musician family is uncountable was and is by far a great friend. - Russ Bell - Musician - Rome, NY

* When I first heard Cathie I was in my yard across the road from hers and I was mesmerized by her low range and husky, sultry tone. An instant fan, I showed up every chance I could to hear her sing. A great entertainer who makes you forget the originals when she performs her covers. - Kendall Stephens - Music Fan, Ontario, Canada

* Not only is Cathie Timian an extremely talented vocalist, she has a passion for music that is second to none. One of the hardest working musicians out there,performing with her own bands,providing opportunities for all levels and genres to perform at her open mics, as well as always supporting her fellow musicians by attending many of their gigs.What a peach of a person! - Mike Woolheater - Musician - Remsen, NY

* Go to hear her if you can, you will not be sorry you did. Voice of an angel! - Berta Waddell - Music Fan - Utica, NY

* I first had the chance to hear Cathie's vocals when she hosted karaoke at Cedars Trailer Park more than a decade ago. Almost immediately, I fell in love with her gritty covers of some great songs. Unfortunately, life has created a huge physical distance between us. But, thanks to social media, I've become a "cyber-groupie"...still able to enjoy Cathie's music, in spite of the distance. Keep the wonderful tunes coming, Cathie!! xo" - -Stephen Roy -  Music Fan, Ontario, Canada

* cathie has a dynamic voice,great range and lots of style.heard her at a blues society jam and she nailed beth hart which impressed me as i am a fan of hers.want to hear a great voice you need to check her out. - Neil Internicola - Musician - Utica NY

* We love Cathie's music in Hamlin Ny ! She also has played at two of our fund raisers to help the dogs at the Hamlin Dog Shelter - Great singer and great person - period! - - Dave Maynard -  Music Fan, Hamlin, NY

* Cathie Timian is one of the greatest female vocalists I have heard in this area since I started following local music since 1971. She has an incredible vocal range reminescant of Patsy Kline and Ella Fitzgerald. She has a very soulful voice that comes very naturally to her without sounding rehearsed. I have had the great pleasure of performing at Haskells at an open Mike night with her and was truly impressed with her vocal abilities. It is very rare that I will perform and sing with anybody else because of my own strong voice but she proved to be outstanding. It is always a pleasure to work with her. We are truly blessed to now have her wonderful talent entertaing the local music scene. She definitely has the talent to reach national notiriety in the future. Definitely go partake of her incredible voice whenever and wherever you see that she is performing. I greatly look forward to performing with her again if the occasion rises. -  Steven Zacaroli - Musician - Utica, NY